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Welcome to the Artist Resource page! We have compiled important forms and information here to make things as easy as possible for all of our artists/entertainers. Clicking on any of the green titles below will bring you directly to the associated information.


These are the COVID-19 Requirements we have established for all of our artists/entertainers. As these change, we will keep this page updated. These requirements are also part of the artist contract that we send for each event. Please DO NOT accept an event if you do not intend to comply will ALL of these requirements.

Additional Time ForM:

This needs to be completed if you work overtime at any event. Your payment for overtime will be sent after we receive the payment from the client. This is also included in every contract we send for an event.


This needs to be completed for EVERY event. Payment for the event will be held until the feedback form is received. Thank you for taking the time to do this as we know your time is valuable. We use your input to ensure we are providing all necessary information to you for each event, to ensure each client has understood any requests we have made, and to ensure there are no issues we need to resolve with the client. This is also included in every contract we send for an event.


This survey is for new artists/entertainers to provide availability and contact information and a few other items we need in order to set you up in our system. For current artists: if your availability, skills, headshot, work samples, etc. have changed, please complete this form to ensure we have up to date information on file.

If there is something you would like to see added to this page, please let us know.


We have established the following requirements based on guidance and recommendations from the CDC and the State of MN. If you do not agree to ALL of these requirements, please DO NOT accept any event contracts.

  • ALL artists are required to wear face masks during the entire event at indoor events of groups over 50 people. Fully vaccinated artists are able to go maskless at their discretion at outdoor events and small indoor events. Due to the Delta variant of COVId, and increasing positive test rates, we strongly encourage masking at all events to keep yourselves and guests attending events as safe as possible.

  • Maintain at least 6' of space between yourself and guests being drawn whenever possible. If a full 6' is not possible, remain as distant as possible. 

  • All drawings must be placed in a protective bag/sleeve prior to handing it to the guest (as per our standard practice). Avoid making contact with exposed skin when handing drawings to the guests. 

  • If you need to cough, sneeze, etc. you must remove yourself from the area and wash your hands thoroughly before returning to your drawing area. 

  • If you have potentially exposed your drawing materials to a cough or sneeze, materials must be wiped down whenever possible before continuing to work. 

  • Clients have been asked to not touch any artist, their chair, or any materials at any time. If any contact is made that causes you concern, please let Twin Cities Caricatures know as soon as possible. 

  • If at any time you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at an event, please contact Twin Cities Caricatures as soon as possible. 

  • If you have a fever, persistent cough, or any other symptoms of COVID-19 prior to an event, you must notify Twin Cities Caricatures as soon as possible so an alternative artist for the event can be assigned. 

  • If you are tested for COVID-19 at any time and are pending results, or you test positive, you must notify Twin Cities Caricatures immediately.

  • As an independent contractor, Twin Cities Caricatures does not provide you with medical insurance, and is not responsible for any treatment or associated costs for testing or treatment of COVID-19. 

  • If you knowingly or unknowingly spread COVID-19 to any of our clients or their guests, Twin Cities Caricatures is also not liable for any costs associated with complaints or any other issues that may arise.

  • If you are not comfortable with ALL of the above requirements, please DO NOT accept an event contract.

We have provided a list of COVID-19 requirements to our clients as well, which includes them notifying us of any symptoms or positive test results prior to any event, or within a week following any event.

If you have any questions about any of these requirements, please contact me at or via call/text at 612-361-9675.

Additional Time

Please complete the Additional Time Form below at any event that the contact requests you to stay past the contracted time.

PLEASE NOTE: You are allowed discretion to decline the request for additional time. If you decline the request, please do so professionally. We also ask that you inform us of the request, as we may then be able to plan for additional time at the next event if it is a repeat event.

Event Feedback

Please complete the event feedback Form below within 24 hours of every event. As stated in the artist agreement, payment will be made after receipt of the feedback form.

Artist Survey

Welcome to Twin Cities Caricatures! If you are new here, please be sure to complete the new entertainer survey. We use this survey to help us not only get to know you, but to help us book you for events when you are available. This allows us to not have to contact as many people when booking, and you won't receive emails requesting your availability for times that aren't going to work with your typical schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: Your headshot will be used on this website, as well as your bio and the "Why do you draw caricatures, paint faces" answer you provide. You will not be added to the website or booked for events if you have not completed this survey and provided us with your photo and self-caricature. If you are a caricature artist, we need a self caricature for your artist board. If you are not a caricature artist, please provide samples of your work if applicable (henna, face painting, etc.).

thank you

Thank you for being part of Twin Cities Caricatures, and for helping us grow and be successful. We appreciate your time, talent and energy in making each event a success, and sharing amazing caricatures with people. We are so proud to know you, and love the opportunities we have to work with you. If you have any feedback for us on what we do well, or more importantly, what we could improve, please let us know. In our pursuit to build a positive long-term working relationship with you, we are constantly striving to make sure we meet your needs and can support your goals as well as ours. We are open to any and all feedback and would love to hear from you!

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