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We have had excellent success with our past (and current) Caricatures for a Cause fundraisers and we are very much enjoying the opportunity to partner with wonderful organizations to help spread some joy and also offer them financial support.


Below is an Overview of how our fundraisers work as well as some Best Practices.


If you would like to partner with us to raise funds, please complete our Fundraiser Request.


request a caricatures for a cause fundraiser

caricatures for a cause overview

  • ​Twin Cities Caricatures (TCC) partners with an organization for a specified period of time and provides the organization with a contract that outline the length of the fundraiser, any live events we will be attending, and also allows TCC to utilize the organization's logo on promotional materials.

  • Upon approval of the contract, and receipt of the organization’s logo, preferably in PNG format, TCC will add the fundraiser to the Order Form menu on our Fundraisers page.

  • TCC provides social media graphics with examples of both traditional and digital caricatures for you to use on your social media accounts. We ask that Twin Cities Caricatures is tagged so people can contact us directly with any questions they may have.

  • TCC posts fundraiser totals each Tuesday on our social media accounts. You are welcome to share those posts on your social media accounts as well.

  • TCC has a dedicated order form link for you organization and tracks all orders placed to benefit your organization. This includes orders for our Coloring for a Cause coloring books.

  • At the end of the fundraising period TCC donates a portion of the proceeds collected to your organization. This does include orders for our Coloring for a Cause coloring books. This does not include charges for shipping as that cost goes directly toward postage and mailing supplies.

  • TCC does not guarantee a specific donation amount, and does not guarantee a minimum donation amount. We do not have a donation maximum.

  • TCC is also willing to attend any live events you may have throughout the fundraiser period, as our schedule allows. Orders can be placed online for pick-up at the live event and we will also draw live at the event. The total collected for drawings completed during any live event(s) will be added to the fundraiser total and will be part of the final donation amount.

  • We try to keep our fundraisers as simple for the organization as possible, so we typically just need contract approval and permission to use your logo and then we send you a check at the end of the fundraiser!

  • Our drawing prices are $30/face and all drawings are done in full color. This means a family of 4 would be $120, two pets would be $60, etc. Customers can choose between traditional (drawn on paper and mailed) and digital (drawn digitally and emailed) caricatures.

caricatures for a cause best practices

Best Practices
  • We highly encourage a fundraiser minimum duration of  3-4 weeks. This allows the fundraiser announcement to be shared throughout a wider network of people and allow those reached later into the fundraiser enough time to place an order.

  • Offering pick up at a live event is a great way to encourage more people to attend that event and also helps get orders/sharing of the order link increased throughout the fundraiser.

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